Incubating and accelerating new companies & technologies.

Build LABS is our business incubator/accelerator. In LABS, our goal is to incubate companies until they reach $1M in topline revenue.

Ventures inside of LABS typically have a technology component (software, hardware, mechanical, or other technologies where our internal teams can provide value).

Companies/projects inside LABS typically match one or more of the following criteria:

  • Under $1M in topline (don’t usually have an exclusive CEO/executive)
  • Mostly internal ventures – started within Build or by Build executives
  • Some ventures with outside partners that require technology development/maintenance
  • Limited work for hire with outside companies that are paying for services

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Build Equity takes a unique business development approach to raising money across a variety of industries: Real Estate, Infrastructure, Health Care, & Small Business.


Our growth consulting arm helps our partners build their businesses by assisting with strategy, marketing, scalability, and more.


Leaving a lasting, sustainable, long-term positive impact on the world is one of our primary missions. Our focus is to create sustainable change in the lives of communities, partners, and employees.